Mountain Wellness Counseling



Tim Grether is a Licensed Psychotherapist and Board Certified Diplomate with 20+ years of post graduate experience (see Biosketch).  Confidential counseling services for all ages and problems are provided at his comfortable office suite in Stanley Village.  The setting is private, warm, welcoming and relaxed. 
Whether it's individuals (all ages), couples or families expect to feel good about your experience.

        New clients are accepted and scheduled within a week in most cases.
        Responses to calls are made in a timely manner, usually within the hour or shortly thereafter.

        All services are covered by most major insurance plans.

Areas of Clinical Expertise:

                       Anxiety                                                  Marital/Relationship Counseling
                       Panic Attacks                                        Family Therapy
                       Depression                                            Child/Adolescent Issues
                       Bipolar Disorder                                   Anger Management/Control
                       Post Traumatic Stress Disorder          Domestic Violence/Abuse
                       Insomnia                                                Addictions
                       ADD/ADHD                                         Grief/Loss

Mountain Wellness office suite also has a biofeedback room where complete stress reduction and computerized biofeedback services are available to compliment the counseling process where indicated or desired (see Stress Reduction Clinic link).

                   Applied Psychophysiology (mind/body strategies) 
                       Stress Reduction/Management            
                       Learn the Relaxation Response
                       Pain Reduction/Management
                       Bio-Behavioral Health & Wellness
                       Medical Issues/Illness (stress related)
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