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    Through many years of experience, further education and study Tim incorporated psychohysiology into his psychotherapy practice as a complimentary component/option.  Psychophysiologic psychotherapy is a more holistic approach toward total health and wellness which emphasizes the significance of the mind/body connection.  Of particular interest and importance is how our habitual reactions to stressors and the level of stress stored in the body affects the body/mind/emotional complex. 
    It is well known that stress is a major contributor to ill-health, usually much more than we realize (most illnesses/diseases are stress related).  In fact we get so used to it most of us are not aware of how much we are in the stress response to some degree or other on a daily basis.  To know how much it is actually affecting us it is necessary to have some way of measuring it to bring it to our total awareness.  This is where Biofeedback comes in, which is simply the use of non-invasive sophisticated electronic instruments that feed back infomation about the body and the level of internalized stress.  The body doesn't lie and the equipment is accurate so information fed back is not opinion or theory, but medical fact. 
    The body(bio) feedback comes to you in the form of computerized visual graphics to help gain access and awareness of the level of stress and the mind/body connection.  This awareness allows us to see how we are the ones creating (unkowingly and unintentionally) the stress in our systems, not someone or something else.  With this feedback we can learn how to "listen" to the body, identify harmful stress patterns and learn how to change the physiologic state which in turn results in changes in the mental and emotional state. 

    By seeing and understanding the Anatomy of Stress in the body we can learn the skill of quieting the stress reaction, reduce the level of stress and elicit the Relaxation Response.  This reverses and prevents the harmful effects of stress and the subsequent build up of tension and distress which causes physical and psychological symptoms.  Biofeedback teaches psychophysiologic (mind/body) self-regulation.  This is an incredibly empowering skill enabling us to become more pro-active and self-reliant in our total health rather than being a slave to the false belief that physical, emotional and mental salvation will come from "out there" instead of from within ourselves
    What is measured?   Numerous vital body functions are accurately viewed and measured such as muscle tension, blood flow (vasodilation/vasoconstriction), the mechanics and chemistry of respiration,sympathetic (stress) and parasympathetic (relaxation) branches of the autonomic nervous system, heart rate, heart rhythm, and something called heart rate variability which is considered to be an indication of heart health, overall wellness and longevity.  All of these are markers of how much we are in the stress reaction or the relaxation response.  

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